Bergkirche St. Marien Annaberg-Buchholz

Donation appeal

Donation appeal

Altar restoration

The altar of St Marien Mountain Church is one of three altars in Annaberg-Buchholz at which the miners worship. For many years, the mining fraternity of Frohnau/Annaberg-Buchholz has been engaged in fund-raising activities to finance the altar restoration work. Many people have been inspired by their efforts and have made their own donations or raised funds at a range of events. Even though funding was not yet fully in place, we were still able to commission the restoration work in the meantime.

Following the completion of surveys and preparatory work relating to the restoration of the altar at our St Marien Mountain Church, the altar was completely removed and taken to the restoration workshop in Dresden at the start of September 2016. The initial surveys indicate that something quite magnificent can be expected once the altar has been restored. You will be able to admire the restored altar during services at the mountain church in January 2018, and we very much look forward to the completion of the work.

If you wish to support our cause, your donations will be most welcome.

To make a donation, use the following bank details:
Kirchliche Kassenverwaltung Chemnitz account for donations at the Bank für Kirche und Diakonie
DE16 3506 0190 1682 0091 08, BIC: GENODED1DKD
Reference: 0101.SpendeBergkirche