St. Annenkirche Annaberg-Buchholz



Experience Church!
You are warmly invited to visit St Anne’s Church and St Marien Mountain Church. The two churches, located at the heart of Annaberg’s old town, are open every day. As part of our missionary outreach work, we would be delighted to welcome you to our churches.

The Erzgebirge Tourism Board
Our parish works closely with the Erzgebirge Tourism Board. We hope that you enjoy exploring the Erzgebirge Tourism Board’s website and getting to know the beautiful Erzgebirge region better.


In 2012, we were awarded the Level-l German Service Quality Seal for our commitment to guided tours of St Anne’s. We would welcome your feedback on how to improve our work here


The town of Annaberg Buchholz
There is so much more to discover in our town! We hope you enjoy looking around our town website at

Member of the 
Förderverein Montanregion Erzgebirge e. V.
Association for the Promotion of Erzgebirge Mining Region

The association supports the inclusion of the cultural landscape of the Erzgebirge mining region in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.



On both sides of the German–Czech border, the Erzgebirge is a unique cultural landscape inextricably bound with the mining industry. After the initial discovery of silver in 1168, mining constituted Saxony’s most important, innovative economic and technological sector for many centuries.

This history lives on and can be seen in a series of surface and underground mining monuments, in the very mining landscapes themselves, in the mining towns and settlements, as well as in the cultural traditions of the Erzgebirge people. These different aspects combine to create a unique cultural landscape of international significance.